Daniel Dix Hollis – Complete Transcriptions

The fiddling of Daniel Dix Hollis, M.D., should interest all fans of traditional music from the Deep South, as they provide a window on southern fiddling prior to the Civil War. Only nine recordings of him are known to have survived, all of which are available at archive.org. I have just created the Daniel Dix Hollis Collection, and posted the following transcriptions therein:

  • Dixie (Patriotic Medley Part One)
  • The Girl Slipped Down
  • Glory on the Big String
  • Lone Indian
  • Rye Whiskey
  • Walking in the Parlor
  • Whistlebee
  • Yankee Doodle (Patriotic Medley Part Two)

These transcriptions are joined by that of Hollis’ recording of Turkey in the Straw, which was previously in the Deep South Collection. Together, they constitute a complete set of transcriptions. I only wish there were more recordings available.

All of these tunes are interesting, but I particularly like the playful Whistlebee.

I will probably not be able to post anything for a few weeks, but I hope to resume posting transcriptions sometime in mid-December.

Happy fiddling!

Austin Rogers, PhD

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Georgia Fiddling from Clayton McMichen and Lowe Stokes

This update is sponsored by Patrick Towell, a Canadian fiddler and major proponent of traditional Georgia fiddling.

I have just posted five transcriptions from Georgia fiddlers Clayton McMichen and Lowe Stokes. The McMichen transcriptions are of a medley of the following chestnuts:

  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Mississippi Sawyer

These three transcriptions can be found in the Clayton McMichen Collection.

The Stokes transcriptions are of the following tunes:

  • Rocky Pallet
  • Up Jumped the Rabbit

I especially like Stokes’ rendition of Rocky Pallet, which he recorded with the Skillet Lickers. These two transcriptions can be found in the Skillet Lickers Collection (which is a placeholder until I have enough material to create collections for the Skillet Lickers’ individual fiddlers).

Happy fiddling!

Austin Rogers, PhD

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