Five Benny Thomasson Transcriptions

I have just posted five transcriptions to the Benny Thomasson Collection:

  • Bush in the Shucks
  • Coming Down from Denver
  • Cotton Patch Rag
  • Crafton Blues
  • Darby’s Hornpipe

There’s some great material here, including two nice breakdowns, two challenging rags, and a simple hornpipe.

Happy fiddling!
Austin Rogers, PhD

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Five Arkansas Transcriptons

This update is sponsored by Patrick Towell, a Canadian fiddler and major proponent of American old time fiddling, particularly Arkansas and Georgia fiddling.

We start with three breakdowns from Arkansas fiddler Issaac “Ike” Reaves, of Reaves’ White County Ramblers:

  • Arkansas Wagoner
  • Drunkard’s Hiccups (not the waltzy Rye Whiskey)
  • Ten Cent Piece

“And now,” to quote Jon Cleese, “for something completely different.” For the first time, I have transcribed a tenor banjo piece. It is also my first venture into the CGDA tuning (other than some desultory mucking about with mandolas and violas on occasion). The banjoist in question is still unidentified, but recorded with a group called the Wonder State Harmonists.

  • Petit Jean Gallop

Lastly, we have a fiddle waltz from Anson Fuller of Ashley’s Melody Men:

  • Sweetest Flower Waltz

These transcriptions can be found in the Ozarks and Missouri Valley Collection (which I should probably rename and/or divide at some point).

Happy fiddling!
Austin Rogers, PhD

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Five Clark Kessinger Transcriptions

Here we have five new transcriptions in the Clark Kessinger Collection:

  • Rat Cheese Under the Hill (Pike’s Peak)
  • Regal March
  • Richmond Polka
  • Rickett’s Hornpipe
  • Rose of My Heart

There should be something for everything in this update. We have a rag (one of my favorites), a march, a polka, a hornpipe, and a waltz, pretty much everything but a breakdown.

Happy fiddling!
Austin Rogers, PhD

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