Grinnel Giggers Collection

This collection contains transcriptions of the complete recorded works of the Grinnel Giggers.

The Grinnel Giggers was an excellent string band from the Arkansas-Missouri border region near the Mississippi river. Their band name was derived from a method of catching a certain fish. The fish in question was the grinnel, also known as the bowfin. Gigging is a method for catching fish in which they are speared with a two-pronged instrument on a long pole.

Led by fiddler Ben Tinnon, they recorded eight tracks in Memphis, TN in 1930. Four of them were waltzes, and the other four were rags. All of them are posted here. The fiddling is top notch, and every tune is great for fiddlers looking to expand their repertoire and improve their skills.

More information about the band can be found here.

8 tunes found in this collection.

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Name Type Key Date Added Date Updated
Cotton Picker's Drag Rag B flat 2013-02-26 2013-02-26
Duck Shoes Rag Rag F 2013-01-06 2013-01-06
Gigger's Waltz Waltz G 2013-01-02 2013-01-02
Gigger's Waltz #2 Waltz G 2013-01-02 2013-01-02
Plow Boy Hop Rag F 2013-01-06 2013-01-06
Ruth's Rag Rag B flat and E flat 2013-02-26 2013-02-26
Sunset Waltz Waltz C 2013-01-02 2013-01-02
Uncle Ned's Waltz Waltz G 2013-01-02 2013-01-02