Western Swing

The tunes in this group are from the tradition of Western Swing, a musical form that developed in Texas, the plains states, and other western states in the 1920s. Western Swing fiddling was heavily influenced by old time, among other traditions.

7 tunes found in this group.

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Collection Name Artist Type Key Date Added Date Updated
Texas and Oklahoma Beaumont Rag East Texas Serenaders Rag C 2014-03-12 2014-03-12
Texas and Oklahoma Beautiful Texas Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies Waltz G 2012-10-29 2013-05-05
Texas and Oklahoma Black and White Rag Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies Rag G and C 2013-01-22 2013-05-05
Pacific Northwest Cherokee Maiden Jim Calvert Song E minor 2013-05-19 2013-05-19
Benny Thomasson Draggin’ the Bow Benny Thomasson Rag A 2015-04-10 2015-04-10
Texas and Oklahoma Gulf Breeze Waltz East Texas Serenaders Waltz D, A, and G 2013-02-27 2013-05-05
Texas and Oklahoma Tiger Rag Light Crust Doughboys Rag C and F 2012-11-09 2013-05-05