Done Gone, Charleston Number One

Tunes in the family that contains both Done Gone and Charleston Number One.  Done Gone is probably more familiar to bluegrass and Texas fiddlers, while Charleston Number One is probably more familiar to other, non-Texas old time fiddlers.  The A parts of these two tunes are the same, but Done Gone is sometimes found with three parts (such as in the Eck Robertson version) whereas Charleston is usually a two-part tune.  Charleston Number One was popularized by Mississippi string and Narmour and Smith.

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Collection Name Artist Type Key Date Added Date Updated
Doc Roberts Charleston Number One Doc Roberts Reel or Breakdown C 2013-07-20 2013-07-20
Gene Goforth Charleston Number One Gene Goforth Reel or Breakdown C 2014-05-23 2014-05-23
Eck Robertson Done Gone Eck Robertson Reel or Breakdown B flat 2013-06-30 2013-06-30
Clark Kessinger West Virginia Hornpipe Clark Kessinger Reel or Breakdown A 2015-06-08 2015-06-08