Tunes for which the fiddle is tune GDAD.  In ABC notation, these notes are written G,DAd.

9 tunes found in this group.

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Collection Name Artist Type Key Date Added Date Updated
Melvin Wine Boatin’ Up Sandy Melvin Wine Reel or Breakdown G 2013-09-28 2013-09-28
Clayton McMichen Bonaparte's Retreat Clayton McMichen March D 2013-07-28 2014-10-13
Southern Appalachians Bonaparte's Retreat Ernie Carpenter March D 2013-07-27 2013-07-27
Southern Appalachians Indian Girl Ed Haley Reel or Breakdown G 2013-08-11 2013-08-11
Southern Appalachians Indian Nation Burl Hammons Reel or Breakdown G 2013-07-14 2013-07-14
Southern Appalachians Indian Nation Ernie Carpenter Reel or Breakdown G 2012-11-09 2013-05-05
Eck Robertson Lost Indian Eck Robertson Reel or Breakdown D 2013-08-11 2013-08-11
Melvin Wine Sugarbaby Melvin Wine Reel or Breakdown G 2013-09-28 2013-09-28
Melvin Wine Tippy Get Your Hair Cut Melvin Wine Reel or Breakdown G 2013-01-03 2013-01-03