Texas Quickstep, Mississippi Breakdown

Variations of the tune Texas Quickstep, which also shows up as Mississippi Breakdown.  Parts of it also appear in Ed Haley's Cherokee Polka and the widespread Wednesday Night Waltz.

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Collection Name Artist Type Key Date Added Date Updated
Southern Appalachians Cherokee Polka Ed Haley Polka C 2013-12-28 2013-12-28
Deep South Mississippi Breakdown Mississippi Possum Hunters Quickstep C 2013-02-21 2013-05-05
Deep South Mississippi Breakdown Narmour and Smith Reel or Breakdown G 2013-02-21 2013-05-05
Leake County Revelers Mississippi Breakdown Leake County Revelers Quickstep C 2013-02-21 2013-05-05
Texas and Oklahoma Texas Quickstep Albert Lee “Red” Steeley Quickstep D 2013-05-05 2014-02-06
Leake County Revelers Wednesday Night Waltz Leake County Revelers Waltz D 2013-01-01 2013-01-01