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Collection Name Brief Description Number of Tunes
Austin Rogers Transcriptions of tunes from Dr. Fiddle's repertoire 78
Benny Thomasson Transcriptions of Texas fiddle and Contest Style pioneer Benny Thomasson 66
Bob Larkan Transcriptions of Arkansas fiddler Bob Larkan 13
Bob Walters Transcriptions of Bob Walters, a seminal fiddler of the Missouri Valley fiddling tradition 15
Bobby Kerns Transcriptions of Bobby Kerns, an oustanding fiddler from northeast Alabama 4
Clark Kessinger Transcriptions of highly influential West Virginia fiddler Clark Kessinger 95
Clayton McMichen Transcriptions of Georgia fiddler Clayton McMichen 20
Cumberlands Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Cumberlands (Tennessee and Kentucky) 34
Daniel Dix Hollis Transcriptions of Alabama fiddler Daniel Dix Hollis 9
Deep South Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi) 26
Doc Roberts Transcriptions of the fiddling and mandolin picking of Fiddlin' Doc Roberts 62
Eck Robertson Transcriptions of Eck Robertson, one of the first fiddlers ever to be commercially recorded 54
Gary Lee Moore Transcriptions of Oklahoma fiddler Gary Lee Moore 58
Gene Goforth Transcriptions of Missouri Fiddler Gene Goforth 43
Grinnel Giggers Transcriptions of the Grinnel Giggers, a string band from the Arkansas-Missouri border region near the Mississippi river 8
Leake County Revelers Transcriptions of the Leake County Revelers, an influential Mississippi string band in the 1920s 44
Lewis Thomasson Transcriptions of Texas fiddler Lewis Thomasson, elder brother of Benny Thomasson 19
Melvin Wine Transcriptions of field recordings from Melvin Wine, a well-known fiddler from Braxton County, West Virginia 106
Midwest Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Midwest 3
Miscellaneous Transcriptions Transcriptions of various artists with fewer than 10 transcriptions on this site 0
Ozarks and Missouri Valley Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Ozarks and the Missouri Valley 15
Pacific Northwest Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Pacific Northwest 1
Prince Albert Hunt Transcriptions of the recordings of Texas fiddler Prince Albert Hunt 8
Skillet Lickers Tanscriptions of recordings of the Skillet Lickers, perhaps the most influential old time sting band ever, and also of individual fiddlers from the Skillet Lickers 19
Southern Appalachians Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Southern Appalachians (North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia) 33
Southwest Miscellaneous Transcriptions from the Southwest 2
Texas and Oklahoma Miscellaneous Transcriptions from Texas and Oklahoma 14