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Group Name Brief Description Number of Tunes
Alabama Jubilee, Down Yonder

Variations of the tune Alabama Jubilee, also commonly known as Down Yonder

Arkansas Traveler

Variations of the tune Arkansas Traveler

Beaumont Rag

Variations of the tune Beaumont Rag

Bill Cheatum

Variations of the tune Bill Cheatum

Billy in the Low Ground

Variations of the tune Bill in the Low Ground

Black Mountain Rag

Variations of the tune Black Mountain Rag

Bonaparte's Retreat Variations of the tune Bonaparte's Retreat 8
Buck Creek Gals, Stoney Point, The Devil in Georgia, Pigtown Fling, Temperance Reel

This is a family of tunes known variously as Buck Creek Gals, Stoney Point, The Devil in Georgia, and Pigtown Fling.  They all may have descended from Temperance Reel.

Buffalo Gals

Variations of the tune Buffalo Gals

Chicken Reel

Variations of the tune Chicken Reel

Chinese Breakdown Variations of the tune Chinese Breakdown 3
Cluck Old Hen

Variations of the tune Cluck Old Hen

Cripple Creek

Variations of the well-known chestnut Cripple Creek. If you think this tune is only for beginners, then think again. As I said in the comments about Doc Roberts’ version of Cripple Creek, “one of the hallmarks of a good fiddler, in my opinion, is the ability to take a simple tune and make it interesting.” By that definition, we have some really good fiddlers represented in this group.


Variations of the Southern national anthem Dixie

Done Gone, Charleston Number One

Tunes in the family that contains both Done Gone and Charleston Number One.  Done Gone is probably more familiar to bluegrass and Texas fiddlers, while Charleston Number One is probably more familiar to other, non-Texas old time fiddlers.  The A parts of these two tunes are the same, but Done Gone is sometimes found with three parts (such as in the Eck Robertson version) whereas Charleston is usually a two-part tune.  Charleston Number One was popularized by Mississippi string and Narmour and Smith.

Durang's Hornpipe

Variations of the tune Durang's Hornpipe

Dusty Miller

Variations of the tune Dusty Miller

Flop-Eared Mule, Big-Eared Mule

Variations of the tune Flop-Eared Mule, also known as Big-Eared Mule

Forked Deer

Variations of the tune Forked Deer

Georgia Railroad/Peter Went Fishing

Variations of the Georgia tune Georgia Railroad, also found as Peter Went Fishing

Girl I Left Behind Me, The

Variations of the widespread tune The Girl I Left Behind Me

Grey Eagle

Tunes in the Grey Eagle family. This tune seems to be especially popular among Texas fiddlers, and certain common features can be found in the Texas versions by Samuel Peacock (1929), Eck Robertson, Bartow Riley, and Benny Thomassons. Most versions are crooked in one or more ways. If you want a simple but catchy version appropriate for beginners, check out my version.

Hop High Ladies, Miss McCloud's Reel, Uncle Joe

A family of tunes going by names such as Hop High Ladies, Miss McCloud's Reel, and Uncle JoeMiss McCloud's Reel is likely the original name for this tune family, and it probably came over from Ireland.

I Don't Love Nobody

Variations of the tune I Don't Love Nobody

Indian Nation

Variations of the tune Indian Nation

Katy Hill (Sally Johnson)

Variations of the tune Katy Hill, also known as Sally Johnson

Leather Britches Variations of the tune Leather Britches 17
Lost Indian, Cherokee Shuffle

Variations of the tune Lost Indian and its derivative Cherokee Shuffle.

Mississippi Sawyer

Variants of the widespread tune Mississippi Sawyer

Old Joe Clark

Variations of the tune Old Joe Clark

Paddy on the Turnpike

Variations of the tune Paddy on the Turnpike

Ragtime Annie Variations of the tune Ragtime Annie 5
Run, Somebody, Run; The Pattyroller Song

Variations of the tune Run, Somebody, Run (where Somebody is generally a racial slur for a black person, but is sometimes replaced with Smoke, Jimmy, Johnny, or Boy), also known as The Pattyroller Song

Rye Whiskey, Drunkard's Hiccups

Variations on the waltz Rye Whiskey, also known as Drunkard's Hiccups.  Usually found in the AEAC# tuning.

Sail Away Ladies, Sally Ann, Great Big Taters

Variations of the tune Sail Away Ladies, also known as Sally Ann, Great Big Taters, and Fever in the South, among other names

Sailor's Hornpipe

Variations of Sailor's Hornpipe, also known as College Hornpipe

Sally Goodin

Variations of the tune Sally Goodin

Salt River (Salt Creek)

Variations of the widespread tune Salt River, which bluegrassers sometimes call Salt Creek, and which may be related to the Irish and Scottish tune Red Haired Boy.

Shortening Bread/Shortenin' Bread

Variations of the fiddle tune Shortening Bread (not the "mammy's little baby" vocal version).

Soldier's Joy

Variants of the widespread tune Soldier's Joy

Sourwood Mountain

Variations of the tune Sourwood Mountain

Texas Quickstep, Mississippi Breakdown

Variations of the tune Texas Quickstep, which also shows up as Mississippi Breakdown.  Parts of it also appear in Ed Haley's Cherokee Polka and the widespread Wednesday Night Waltz.

Tom And Jerry

Variations of the tune Tom And Jerry

Turkey in the Straw, Old Zip Coon, Natchez Under the Hill, Sugar in the Gourd

A family of tunes including Turkey in the Straw, Old Zip Coon, Natchez Under the Hill, and Sugar in the Gourd

Wagoner, Tennessee Wagoner, Texas Wagoner

Variations of the tune Wagoner, which is also known by regional names such as Tennessee Wagoner and Texas Wagoner

Waynesboro, Coming Down from Denver, Here and There, Hummingbird Reel

Tunes in the Waynesboro/Coming Down from Denver family.  These are all descended from the Irish tune Over the Moor to Maggie

It seems to me that this tune family has two branches, Waynesboro and Coming Down from Denver.  On the Waynesboro side, I highly recommend starting with Doc Roberts’ version, and then picking up variations from other versions (which do have some cool variations).  On the Coming Down from Denver side, proceed directly to Gene Goforth’s version and get ready to go into third position!

Whistling Rufus

Variations of the tune Whistling Rufus, also known as Hot Foot

Wolves A' Howlin' Variations of the tune Wolves A' Howlin' 4