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The Dr. Fiddle website is focused first and foremost on old time music, but there is some overlap in the old time and bluegrass repertoires.  Also, some fiddlers (such as Gene Goforth), recorded in both generes.  The tunes in this Bluegrass group are unmistakeably grassy, but were recorded by fiddlers that were also well-known for their achievements in old time.  Don't expect an awful lot of tunes in this group in the forseeable future.

Irish and British These tunes are most commonly found in the fiddle traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, etc. (I can't bring myself to use the blanket term "Celtic.") 14
Texas Fiddle

This group is for authentic Texas-style fiddling.  This is the real stuff, not the robotic mess you sometimes hear at contests that gets called Texas fiddling.  I personally consider it a branch of Old Time, but the style is distinctive enough for it to have its own group.

Western Swing The tunes in this group are from the tradition of Western Swing, a musical form that developed in Texas, the plains states, and other western states in the 1920s. Western Swing fiddling was heavily influenced by old time, among other traditions. 7