Arab Bounce

As played by Vernon Derrick (Arranged by Austin Rogers, PhD) from the Alabama region

Rag in A

From the Deep South Collection

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Recording of Vernon Derrick at a mandolin workshop at the 1972 Bean Blossom festival


Vernon Derrick was a well-known bluegrass fiddler in North Alabama. He played in many bands over the years, including Flatt and Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, and Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys. I mainly know him from his fiddling, but he was also a first-rate mandolinist.

Derrick wrote Arab Bounce and played it on the mandolin. It is named after the town of Arab, a small town south of Huntsville in north Alabama. The name Arab is not pronounced like the name of the people from the Arabian Peninsula in the middle east. Rather, it is pronounced "A-rab" with a long A, and ryhmes with the standard English pronunciation of Ahab, the wicked king from the Bible and whaler captain from Moby Dick.

The full transcription of this tune is actually a transcription of Derrick's mandolin picking. The melody-only transcription is my fiddle arrangement. I treat this tune as a country rag, suitable for old time, rather than as a bluegrass fiddle tune. It works well both ways, I just prefer country rags.

Below are some YouTube videos of various recordings of Arab Bounce:

Arab Bounce performed by bluegrass band Mountain Therapy:

Arab Bounce performed by bluegrass band Dry Fork Ramblers:

Arab Bounce played by two kids (including a nice bluegrass fiddle break):


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