Cluck Old Hen

As played by Austin Rogers from the Alabama region

Reel or Breakdown in D mixolydian

From the Austin Rogers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)

I originally learned this tune from Muller and Koehler's book Frailing the 5-String Banjo, but have since heard a great many other versions.

I had always pegged this as a beginner's tune, but I supposed it need not be. I had never considered posting my version of it, until I transcribed and posted Melvin Wine's version. Recently, Highlander's Farewell got stuck in my head and for the longest I couldn't remember it's B part (or even its name). Every time I tried to play it's B part, I wound up in Cluck Old Hen. After I finally untangled the tunes in my head, I decided I should post this one. My version is very straightforward, with a lot of Nashville Shuffle.

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Cluck Old Hen

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