Highlander's Farewell

As played by Austin Rogers from the Alabama region

Reel or Breakdown in A minor

From the Austin Rogers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)

I think I learned this from Bob White, a great fiddler in Huntsville, AL, who probably plays it much better than I.

I used to play this tune years ago when I lived in Alabama. The A part popped into my head a few days ago and drove me nuts. I couldn't remember the B part or the tune's name, so I asked the fine folks on the Fiddle Hangout and had the answer lickety-split.

This tune apparently originated with Emmet Lundy, who learned to fiddle in the 19th century and was, fortunately for us, recorded by Lomax for the Library of Congress in 1941. More information about Lundy can be found here. Lundy's version of Highlander's Farewell may be heard in the YouTube video below. I will probably transcribe it at some point, as his version is very interesting.

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