Black and White Rag

As played by Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies from the Texas region

Rag in G and C

From the Texas and Oklahoma Collection

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78rpm record, track available on the 5 CD set The Complete Recordings of the Father of Western Swing: Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies: 1932-1937.


This rag was originally written by Jerome H. Remick in 1908. The piano sheet music can be found here. Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies did a great rendition of Black and White Rag with fiddle lead. This rag isn't too difficult, but watch out for key changes and accidentals throughout. As with all ragtime tunes, be careful of the syncopation. When playing the repetitive runs of eighth notes in the A part, I like to start a downbow stroke on the highest note of the run.

Here's a YouTube video of a good version of Black and White Rag. The fiddle part is very similar to the one herein transcribed, but with an additional third part that the Musical Brownies did not play.


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Western Swing

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