Ruckus Juice and Chittlins

As played by the Memphis Jug Band (Arranged by Austin Rogers, PhD) from the Tennessee region

Rag in G

From the Cumberlands Collection

2 files for this tune:

Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


I arranged this version from my transcription of the original 78rpm record


I really loved the tune Ruckus Juice and Chittlins by the Memphis Jug Band. But as I transcribed it, it became apparent that its high degree of technical difficulty would render it virtually unplayable by most old time fiddlers. Therefore, I have developed this arrangement to make it more playable. I lowered the key from D to G to eliminate the ridiculously high notes, clearly divided the tune into parts, massaged the melody to make it more playable, and pared down the amount of variations.

The original transcription can be found here, and a YouTube video of the original source recording is below.


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