Wolves A' Howlin'

As played by the Stripling Brothers from the Alabama region

Reel or Breakdown in A

From the Deep South Collection

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Full Transcription (PDF)


Recording found on the Slippery-Hill website


This version of Wovles A' Howlin', by the Stripling Brothers (consisting of fiddler Charles Stripling and his brother Ira from Pickens County, AL) is rather technically challenging. This is not surprising, given that Charlie Stripling was well-known as a champion fiddler. Cross-tune to AEAE, and look out for the pizzicato notes in the C part. To play this, keep bowing with one hand while plucking the pizzicato notes with a finger of the other hand. To play the transcription as written, you will have to stop some of the bowed notes (specifically the low C# on the fourth string) while plucking the pizzicato note (E, open first string). This is a pleasant challenge.

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Wolves A' Howlin'

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