Leather Britches

As played by Johnny Balmer and his Grand Canyon Boys from the Arizona region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Southwest Collection

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I haven't been able to discover much information about Johnny Balmer and his Grand Canyon Boys. The name suggests that they hailed from Arizona. According to archive.org, they recorded in Phoenix, Arizona, and the fiddler on this track was Slim Forbes. According to this site, Forbes later fiddled in another group called the Western Gentlemen, and passed away in 1992.

The recording features seven repetitions of Leather Britches. The B part is played similarly each time. There are both low and high versions of the A part, with a mix-and-match approach taken on the A part the last two times through. This is not a very difficult version of the tune, and is perfectly serviceable for anyone looking for a straightforward version without all that Appalachian crookedness.

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Leather Britches

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