Leather Britches

As played by Dudley Spanger from the Virginia region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Southern Appalachians Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


Vinyl LP The Old Virginia Fiddlers


This version of Leather Britches was recorded in the late 1940s by Dudley Spanger, a fiddler from Patrick County, Virginia. The source recording consisted of six repetitions of the tune, and faded out after the last time through, so I have no ending to transcribe. Each repetition was different, so I have transcribed all six. The MIDI and MP3 are of the first and third times through the tune.

This isn't a very difficult version, but it has some interesting syncopation. Look out for the sixteenth notes, and for sixteenth notes followed by tied eighth notes in some versions of the B part.

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Leather Britches

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