Sally Ann

As played by Hiram Stamper from the Kentucky region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Cumberlands Collection

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Field recording of Hiram Stamper, available at Berea College's digital library


This version of Sally Ann by Kentucky fiddler Hiram Stamper can be downright frightening. It is crooked as all get-out, rather inconsistent from repetition to repetition, and full of accidentals that give it a cool, funky sound. Some of this may be due to the fact that Hiram was over 80 years old at the time it was recorded.

It sounds as if Hiram was tuned to GDGD (although he always tuned a step lower, so really he would have been tuned FCFC).

If you are new to this tune, then do not try to learn this version. Get comfortable with other versions, such as those by Uncle Dave Macon (under the name Sail Away Ladies) and Doc Roberts before attempting this one.

Hiram Stamper has to be the coolest name I've ever heard for an old time fiddler. I'll bet his father was a Freemason. More information on old Hiram can be found here.

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Sail Away Ladies, Sally Ann, Great Big Taters

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