Deer Walk

As played by Doc Roberts from the Kentucky region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Doc Roberts Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


78rpm record (streaming audio here)


This is a really nice tune.  The Fiddler's Companion claims it as beign related to Forked Deer, but I'm not sure.  It doesn't sound related to the way I learned Froked Deer.  I will withold judgement until after I've transcribed some other sources of Forked Deer sometime in the future.  The Fiddler's Companion also quotes author Charles Wolfe as having declared Deer Walk to be "one of Roberts' masterpieces."  I certainly agree with Wolfe; this is one impressive tune!

The only really challenging aspect of this tune is playing it cleanly at speed.  Also look out for accidentals.

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