Old Zip Coon

As played by Doc Roberts from the Kentucky region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Doc Roberts Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


78rpm record (streaming audio here)


This is a nice arrangement of Old Zip Coon, otherwise known as Turkey in the Straw (among other names).  Roberts recorded this as part of a medley, beginning with this tune, followed by a version of Wagoner (also in D) and then Fisher's Hornpipe (in G), ending with a reprise of Old Zip Coon (back in D).  This transcription includes the reprise as well as the tune from the beginning of the medley.

I always play this in G so that I don't have to wrestle with high notes.  As Doc played this in D, it goes up to a high D in the B part.

This tune is a member of the following groups:

Turkey in the Straw, Old Zip Coon, Natchez Under the Hill, Sugar in the Gourd

Brennen 2013-11-09 00:25:52
I'm fairly sure this medley is in C and F rather than D and G. The guitar is certainly playing out of C and F positions, and all those tunes are more commonly in those keys than D and G. Also, "Dance With A Gal With a Hole In Her Stocking", from the same session and which is definitely in G, stands properly relative to C and F rather than D & G. Thanks for the great site!