Dusty Miller

As played by Eck Robertson from the Texas region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Eck Robertson Collection

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Field Recording Released on Album Eck Robertson: Famous Cowboy Fiddler (download the album here, or just the MP3 of Dusty Miller at Slippery-Hill)


I had heard many versions of Dusty Miller over the years, but Eck Robertson's is, bar none, my favorite.  The first time I heard it, its beauty brought tears to my eyes.  In the recording, Robertson gives a brief introduction to the tune: "Going to play Dusty Miller.  This is Eck Robertson, uh, 77-year-old fiddler.  Going to play Dusty Miller."  He sounds very tentative, almost as if he is uncomfortable in front of the microphone (despite having recorded many sides about 30 years before).  It also sounds as his fiddle was tuned up one whole step in the recording.

The recording consists of four repetitions of the tune, with variations showing up mainly in the B part.  Robertson even varied his bowing on similar passages, sometimes longbowing and sometimes throwing in a lot of sawstrokes.

I am still trying to play this tune as well as Robertson!

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Dusty Miller

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Jim D 2013-06-30 14:00:45
The modern Contest style version has three main themes with many variations. Check out Benny Thomasson's version on his " Legendary Texas Fiddler " album. You won't be disappointed!