As played by Gary Lee Moore from the Oklahoma region

Rag in C

From the Gary Lee Moore Collection

2 files for this tune:

Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


Recording of Gary Lee Moore (MP3 here)


This is a really cool rag from Gary Lee Moore, named after the Choctaw Indian tribe.  There are two potential difficulties in this tune.  One is the high notes in the first measure of each line in the A part.  I recommend playing these measures in second position (middle finger on A rather than G).  A-C double-stops pose the other difficulty, requiring you to play the A on the third string.

Moore played the tune three times through in the recording.  The second and third times through were pretty much identical, so I have transcribed the first time through by itself and then the second and third times through together.  The "D. S." below the last line of the transcription stands for "Dal Segno," meaning that you repeat from the Segno (a crooked S with a line through it and two dots).

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