Ridin’ in an Old Model T

As played by the Dixie Ramblers from the Alabama region

Rag in C

From the Deep South Collection

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78rpm record (MP3 at archive.org)


This is one of my favorite ragtime tunes. There have been multiple groups by the name of Dixie Ramblers, but the group in question was active in Alabama in 1930s. I only know of two recordings by this group, Franklin County Blues and Ridin’ in an Old Model T. The title refers to the Model T Ford, the first mass-produced automobile.

In the recording, the tune was played through eight times, each time a unique variation (including low variants). It is crooked in that the A part consists of 12 measures rather than the more common 16.

And here’s a video of Dr. Fiddle himself playing this tune:

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