Listen to the Mockingbird

As played by the Leake County Revelers from the Mississippi region

Song in G

From the Leake County Revelers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


Listen to the Mockingbird was written in 1855 by a fellow named Septimus Winner, who also wrote the lyrics to Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? It was apparently popular during the Civil War. Later, lyrics pertaining to the siege of Vicksburg were written to this tune, resulting in the version I learned, Listen to the Minie Balls (referring to a type of bullet used in the Civil War). In the Leake County Revelers’ version, the fiddle mostly plays harmony. The fiddle plays behind the vocals for the verse and chorus, followed by a fiddle break, rinse and repeat. In my transcription, I did not capture variations for the fiddling behind the vocals, but I did so for the break. The tune ends after a vocal chorus.

This video is of modern fiddler Jim Marshall’s rendition of Listen to the Mockingbird:


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