Put Me in My Little Bed

As played by the Leake County Revelers from the Mississippi region

Song in A

From the Leake County Revelers Collection

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78rpm Record


Put Me in My Little Bed is one of those sentimental songs (that I find borderline pathetic). The mandolin played lead in the recording while the fiddle played harmony. I have only transcribed the mandolin lead. The mandolin played an intro, backing behind vocals, breaks between vocals, and an outro. The intro, breaks, and outro follow the melody of the vocal verse. In the transcription, the squiggly lines next to long notes indicate that note should be played as tremolo.

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Mandolin Transcriptions

Jim D 2014-01-24 22:17:36
Very similar to Appalachian tune, "Birdie".
Jim D 2014-01-24 22:15:52
Very similiar to Appalachian fiddle tune, "Birdie" .