Cripple Creek

As played by Ed Haley from the West Virginia region

Reel or Breakdown in A

From the Southern Appalachians Collection

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Private recording of Ed Haley released on the album Ed Haley, Volume 1: Forked Deer


From West Virginia fiddler Ed Haley comes this interesting setting of the wide-spread chestnut Cripple Creek. Haley played it in three parts. The B part the first time through might be missing a line, as there seemed to be a jump in the recording. I’m guessing there was some damage to the original, and it was probably edited for the CD release.

Haley played two distinct B parts. The first time through, the B part was heavy on slides. The second time through introduced a pizzicato B part. The third time through integrated both types in the B part. The fourth time through had a degenerate B part, as Haley was probably under recording time constraints and rushed to finish the tune.

Wherever a chord note is marked “Pizz high,” play the high note of the chord as pizzicato and bow the lower note.

Cross-tune to AEAE.

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Cripple Creek

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