Houston Slide

As played by Prince Albert Hunt from the Texas region

Rag in C

From the Prince Albert Hunt Collection

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78rpm Record


Here’s a colorful rag from the even more colorful Texas fiddler “Prince” Albert Hunt. You can get a pretty accurate picture of Hunt’s character from the dialogue at the beginning of the recording, in which someone (presumably the unnamed guitarist) asks, “You want to talk about women, or get drunk, or you wanna play some music?” At least this one time, Hunt decided to play Houston Slide, but apparently he was well known for doing those other things. (He was shot dead outside of a dance hall by a jealous husband.)

It’s not that this tune is crooked; rather, it makes no pretention of being straight! But neither is it exactly freeform. Each part consists of well-defined phrases that are basically repeated ad lib. Short measures of two beats are sprinkled liberally throughout this piece. Be careful of the timing and syncopation, and look out for accidentals.


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Texas Fiddle

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