Oklahoma Rag

As played by Prince Albert Hunt from the Texas region

Rag in G

From the Prince Albert Hunt Collection

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Full Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


I believe that this rag might be a very distant relative of the well-known Beaumont Rag (emphasis on “might” and “very”). It also seems as if the recording, which unfortunately degraded significantly before digitization, has been edited or otherwise monkeyed with at some point. There was a skip in the A part the first time through, so I have extrapolated the skipped phrase from other repetitions. I also suspect some editing at the end of the A part the second time through.

Hunt brings to bear his characteristic freeform approach to timing with this tune, especially the B part. Beware of short measures with two or three beats. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be anything too difficult in this tune.

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Texas Fiddle

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