Traveling Man

As played by Prince Albert Hunt from the Texas region

Rag in G

From the Prince Albert Hunt Collection

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78rpm Record


I have classified this tune as a rag, since the fiddle part is quite raggy, but it could also have been classified as a song. With a title like Traveling Man, I was expecting the lyrics of this song to be about a Freemason. Rather, it is a comical song about a roving gambler with the dark one’s own luck. Hunt’s voice is very gravelly, a vocal style that increased in popularity later in the 20th century and is still affected by some singers today. One would be forgiven for mistaking him for Bob Dylan (who may have been copying Hunt).

The fiddle part, which is really cool, consists of an intro, two breaks, and an outro. They are all very similar, but the outro is much shorter than the intro and breaks. As with all rags, be careful of the syncopation (of which there is a great deal here) and look out for accidentals.

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Texas Fiddle

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