Beaumont Rag

As played by Orville Burns from the Oklahoma region

Rag in F

From the Texas and Oklahoma Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


Recording of Orville Burns (streaming audio at Soundcloud)


Oklahoma fiddler Orville Burns, mentor to Gary Lee Moore, played this interesting three-part version of Beaumont Rag. He structured the tune AAA BB CC A. The A part is comprised of four lines, while the B and C parts are comprised of three lines. The C part is the traditional high part, and you will probably have to play it in fifth position. (Slide your index finger up to a high C. Burns did not complete the slide the first time, stopping at a B-flat, but he quickly corrected his positioning. He hit the high C the second time he slid up to it.) This tune is quite challenging due to the prolific accidentals. I’m sure that many were intentional, but some may have been truly accidental. At any rate, they sound wonderful, and lend Burns’ rendition of Beaumont a bluesy, jazzy feel.


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Beaumont Rag

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