Beaumont Rag

As played by Samuel Peacock from the Texas region

Rag in F

From the Texas and Oklahoma Collection

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78rpm Record


Here’s Beaumont Rag straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Samuel Peacock, Texas barber and fiddler who recorded with Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band, is reputed to have written Beaumont Rag. Peacock played a marvelous four-part version, structured AA BB CC DD BB DD. The B and C parts are mainly comprised of hokum bowing (or something close thereto), with the C part including a strain from the B part. The B and C parts are also notable for some dissonant drones. The D part goes up all the way to a high F on the first string, beginning with a slide up to a high C. I recommend sliding up to the high C with your index finger, which will put you in fifth position. This can be a very showy and impressive move if you nail the intonation.


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