Beaumont Rag

As played by Gary Lee Moore from the Oklahoma region

Rag in F

From the Gary Lee Moore Collection

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YouTube video of Gary Lee Moore


Oklahoma fiddler extraordinaire Gary Lee Moore plays two versions of this tune: Beaumont Rag proper (this version, in F) and Kill ‘Em, a variant in D. In the video, Moore played Beaumont Rag as a three part tune, structured AAAA BB CC A B. Each time through the A part constituted a significant variation, with the last A part near the end of the tune containing two lines of hokum bowing. The C part is the traditional high part that normally shows up Beaumont Rag, but with a twist: it includes notes below the high C, which you can probably grab on the second string out of fifth position. I really like this version of Beaumont Rag.


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