Kill ‘Em

As played by Gary Lee Moore from the Oklahoma region

Rag in D

From the Gary Lee Moore Collection

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Recording of Gary Lee Moore released on the album Uncle Pig


Oklahoma fiddler extraordinaire Gary Lee Moore plays two versions of this tune: Beaumont Rag proper in F, and Kill ‘Em, this variant in D. While the Kill ‘Em variant of Beaumont Rag lacks the raw majesty of many of the versions in F, it is still a marvelous tune, expertly executed by Moore. Moore reports that he learned it from Texas fiddler Louis Franklin.

Most versions of Beaumont Rag have a high part requiring high position play. Moore’s rendition is no exception. The second repetition of the A part the second time through includes an extended passage of high notes. I recommend sliding up to the A on the first string with your index finger, and thus playing this passage in third position. The B part has some difficult double-stops, requiring you to play an F# on the second string while playing other notes on the first string.


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