I'm Satisfied

As played by Gid Tanner from the Georgia region

Rag in G

From the Skillet Lickers Collection

3 files for this tune:

Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


This transcription is sponsored by Dr. Fiddle contributor Patrick Towell.

Gid Tanner’s I’m Satisifed could be classified as either a rag or a song, but I have gone with rag. The transcription consists of a fiddle intro, five fiddle breaks, and a fiddle outro. All transcribed fiddle parts contain mainly the same theme, with different variations. The five breaks are all very similar, but the outro is more varied. In the recording, vocals were interspersed between these fiddle leads, with backup fiddling behind the vocals. I could not make it out that backup fiddling clearly enough to transcribe it.


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