Forked Deer

As played by Clark Kessinger from the West Virginia region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Clark Kessinger Collection

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Full Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


This version of Forked Deer from West Virginia fiddler Clark Kessinger does not change keys as many versions do. There shouldn’t be much difficulty here, other than passages in the B part where you have to hold an A on the third string while playing melody on the second. For some reason, Kessinger inserted two extra beats in the A part the second time through the tune; he didn’t do so anywhere else. The recording was slightly garbled in the B part the sixth time through, a few beats worth of notes there are extrapolated from other repetitions of the tune. The recording included faux dance calls, some of them rather nonsensical. Unfortunately, they sometimes obscured the fiddle, leading a uncertainty in a few places.

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Forked Deer

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