Forked Deer

As played by Benny Thomasson from the Texas region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Benny Thomasson Collection

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Recording on the album Benny Thomasson: Legendary Texas Fiddler


Like many versions of Forked Deer, Benny Thomasson’s version does change keys in the B part, with a passage in the key of A. But as this is not for the whole B part and there aren’t many G#s, I have not notated the key change. This is one of Thomasson’s less difficult arrangements, but there is a passage in the B part where you have to hold an A on the third string and play the melody on the second string. Also look out for triplets with slides up to the second and third notes. Play these as one smooth slide. (I could have notated them more simply as a slide from the first note of the triplet directly to the last note, but Thomasson’s timing in the recording strongly suggested a triplet.)

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Forked Deer

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