When I Grow Too Old to Dream

As played by Gary Lee Moore from the Oklahoma region

Waltz in F

From the Gary Lee Moore Collection

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Recording of Gary Lee Moore (MP3 here)


Moore reports in the liner notes of his Uncle Pig album that he learned this waltz from West Virginia fiddler Clark Kessinger, and that Kessinger is his “favorite waltz player.” With his usual self-deprecation he says, “I scratch my way through it.” I would beg to differ with that assessment of Moore’s fine waltz fiddling. He played this waltz with two distinct parts (A and B), and with a distinct variation of the B part (marked B’) that goes up to a high C in its first line. The tune’s structure is AA BB’ A B’. As with Moore’s other waltzes, his timing is very difficult to represent in standard notation. I would recommend listening to his recording to really get a good feel for his timing.

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