Crafton Blues

As played by Gary Lee Moore from the Oklahoma region

Rag in F

From the Gary Lee Moore Collection

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Recording of Gary Lee Moore (MP3 here)


Crafton Blues reminds me somewhat of Clark Kessinger’s Trombone Rag, although Trombone is far more difficult a tune than Crafton. Moore played this rag four times through. The first time he repeated the A and B parts, but did not repeat them on subsequent passes through the tune. In the recording, it sounds as if Moore was improvising variations as he went along, especially towards the end. Some of these variations don’t work so well (such as a D-flat held for two and a half beats in the B part the fourth time through), but most of them are very good. And of course there’s no substitute for actually trying out variations that occur to you.

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Texas Fiddle

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