Alabama Gal, Give the Fiddler a Dram (Buffalo Gals)

As played by Gid Tanner from the Georgia region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Skillet Lickers Collection

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78rpm Record


This transcription is sponsored by Dr. Fiddle contributor Patrick Towell.

Alabama Gal, Give the Fiddler a Dram is Gid Tanner’s version of the widespread Buffalo Gals. Tanner’s fiddling here is rhythmic rather than melodic, and he fiddled very fast so as to be showy. The melody is therefore fairly arbitrary for much of the tune. There are a lot of saw strokes over G and D chords, as well as some ragtime syncopation. I have roughly divided the tune into eight repetitions, but Tanner wasn’t at all fastidious about playing distinct parts. The second and eighth times through are crooked, featuring two extra beats.


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