Rye Straw, Fiddlin’ Medley Part Three

As played by Clayton McMichen from the Georgia region

Reel or Breakdown in D

From the Clayton McMichen Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)
Melody-Only Transcription of Entire Medley (PDF)
Full Transcription of Entire Medley (PDF)


78rpm Record


This transcription is sponsored by Dr. Fiddle contributor Patrick Towell.

Georgia fiddler Clayton McMichen recorded his Fiddlin’ Medley in 1927. The medley consists of three tunes: Durang’s Hornpipe, Soldier’s Joy, and Rye Straw, and closes with a reprise of Durang’s. These are nice but aggressive settings of these tunes. They are in fact so aggressive that the whole medley is almost entirely played with sawstroke bowing.

This transcription is of Rye Straw, the third tune in the medley. I am somewhat surprised that it was included in the medley, as it seems rather different from the other two tunes. This version is unfamiliar enough to me that I did not try to identify and label repetitions of the tune in the transcription. Look out for broken rhythm. Note there are an extra two beats, comprising a segue to the reprise of Durang’s Hornpipe.

I am also including a transcription of the entire medley, so each part can be seen in context.


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