Waynesboro (Over the Moor to Maggie)

As played by Austin Rogers from the Alabama region

Reel or Breakdown in G

From the Austin Rogers Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


I learned this from a recording of Fiddlin' Doc Roberts.  That version, which is much superior to mine, can be found here.


Here's another tune that comes from Ireland. The Irish call it Over the Moor to Maggie and play it as a three part tune. Related tunes appear under different names.  As Waynesboro, I've only ever heard it as a two-part tune, but related tunes (such as Coming Down from Denver) sometimes appear with three parts.

I high recommend Fiddlin' Doc Roberts' version of this tune.  Many years ago, when I was first learning old time fiddle, my fiddling mentor Jim Holland gave me a recording of Doc Roberts' version.  I used it as an exercise in learning a tune from a recording.  The result was this version, which isn't as good as Doc Roberts' version.  Start with Doc's, and then look at the other versions to pick up variations.

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Waynesboro, Coming Down from Denver, Here and There, Hummingbird Reel

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