Dusty Miller (Dink's Dusty Miller)

As played by Gene Goforth from the Missouri region

Reel or Breakdown in A mixolydian

From the Gene Goforth Collection

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Recording of Gene Goforth released on the album Gene Goforth: Eminence Breakdown


Gene Goforth apparently learned this mixolydian masterpiece from his father Dink Goforth. It is so associated with the elder Goforth as to be titled Dink’s Dusty Miller on the album Eminence Breakdown. The tune is crooked; the A part has two extra measures, and the B part has two and a half extra measures. The B part also seems to lapse into A minor, but resolves to an A major chord. There are plenty of A-C# double-stops with the A on the third string and the C# on the second string that might present some difficulty.

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Dusty Miller

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