Grey Eagle

As played by Gene Goforth from the Missouri region

Reel or Breakdown in A

From the Gene Goforth Collection

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Recording of Gene Goforth released on the album Strike Up the Bow


This version of Grey Eagle from Missouri fiddler Gene Goforth’s bluegrass period is probably the fanciest that I have encountered. This is a very challenging setting of this tune. Goforth played the tune five times through in the recording, introducing variations all over the place. Look out for high notes, as multiple parts go up to a high C and the A part the fifth time through goes up to a high E. The third time through features a nice crooked chordal B part with two extra beats. Also look out for accidentals, which occur throughout the tune. This recording was called Grey Eagle Hornpipe on Goforth’s Strike Up the Bow album, but he played it as a breakdown rather than a hornpipe.

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Grey Eagle

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