As played by Clark Kessinger from the West Virginia region

Novelty Tune in A

From the Clark Kessinger Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


Recording of Clark Kessinger released on the album Clark Kessinger: Sweet Bunch of Daisies


This tune combines two things I don’t like: mockingbirds (which I loathe with a passion, along with all other squawking so-called songbirds) and trick fiddling. There is a lot of trick fiddling here, imitating a mockingbird using sixteenth notes, triplets, and slides. The transcription probably isn’t very exact in the trick fiddling parts; such things weren’t made to be transcribed. Note that the last four lines are played at a somewhat faster tempo than the rest of the tune. I would give this one the skip unless you are a big fan of Clark Kessinger or really enjoy trick fiddling.

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