As played by Clark Kessinger from the West Virginia region

March in C

From the Clark Kessinger Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


This tune was identified as Neapolitan Waltz. I’m not sure what type of tune it is, but whatever it is, it sure isn’t waltz. It may have been misidentified at some point. I have dropped “Waltz” from the title, and am tentatively classifying it as march. If you can shed any light on this issue, please contact me.

Kessinger played this tune four times through with little variation. The B part is crooked in that three of its four lines end with two extra beats. Play this with a little bit of swing, and beware of high C notes in the A part. Kessinger also used a lot of vibrato, denoted by squiggly lines to the left of notes to be played vibrato.

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