Dew Drop Hornpipe

As played by Benny Thomasson from the Texas region

Hornpipe in A

From the Benny Thomasson Collection

2 files for this tune:

Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)


1967 field recording of Benny Thomasson available here (identified as Butterfly Hornpipe in the source recording)


Edit: I had originally posted this tune as Butterfly Hornpipe, as it was so identified in the source recording.  However, David Stone pointed out that this tune is actually Dew Drop Hornpipe (per Ryan's Mammoth Collection of 1883).  I am therefore renaming this tune as Dew Drop, and the tune formerly identified as Dew Drop to Unidentified Hornpipe (possibly Butterfly) until such time as it can be more accurately identified.

In the field recording, Thomasson had trouble remembering the B part to this tune. He stopped and restarted a few times, finally remembering it. The recording also cut in and out. So rather than transcribe the recording directly, I instead extracted two A parts and two B parts from the recording to create a transcription with two passes through the tune. The first time through features a high version of the B part, while the second time has a low variation. Both versions of the B part go up to a high D. The last note is played vibrato (as signified by the squiggly line).

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Texas Fiddle

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