Ace of Spades

As played by Benny Thomasson from the Texas region

Schottische in A and E

From the Benny Thomasson Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


Recording released on the album Texas Hoedown Revisited


Ace of Spades is a lovely key-changing Schottishe. The A and B parts are in the key of A, while the C part is in the key of E. (Remember to play all the Ds in the C part as D#s.) Other than the uncommon key, the most difficult feature of this tune is a double-stop in the B part with an F# on the third string and a D on the fourth string. Thomasson also used some vibrato, which is denoted by squiggly lines to the left of notes to be played vibrato.

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Texas Fiddle

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