Arkansas Wagoner

As played by Isaac “Ike” Reaves from the Arkansas region

Reel or Breakdown in C

From the Ozarks and Missouri Valley Collection

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Full Transcription (PDF)


78rpm Record


This transcription is sponsored by Dr. Fiddle contributor Patrick Towell.

This is Reaves’ version of the widespread breakdown Wagoner , the name of which often includes the fiddler’s home state (Arkansas Wagoner, in the case of Isaac Reaves). Reaves played a very nice A part, but the B part doesn’t really have a well-defined melody. This version is somewhat reminiscent of Doc Roberts’ version. I’m not 100% confident in my transcription, as the fiddle was often barely audible in the recording over the organ and percussion.


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Wagoner, Tennessee Wagoner, Texas Wagoner

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