Garfield's March

As played by Benny Thomasson from the Texas region

March in G

From the Benny Thomasson Collection

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Melody-Only Transcription (PDF)
Full Transcription (PDF)


1974 field recording of Benny Thomasson released on the album Benny Thomasson: Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle


This is one challenging march. Thomasson may have learned it from a Clark Kessinger recording (transcription of Kessinger’s version here <MAKE LINK>). Play it with some swing (it almost sounded hornpipey in the recording). Look out for high notes, all the way up to a high E. It is also crooked, with two extra beats showing up here and there. The second time through has some pizzicato passages, requiring you to stop the string with one finger of the left hand while plucking the string with another finger of the left hand.

This is the Clark Kessinger recording from which Thomasson may have learned Garfield March:


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